Everyone wants less stress in life, – the best we can hope for is temporary
breaks every now and then. I’m sure you have a lot of work to do, and little
time to de-stress.

What we can look into is to regulate our relentless internal critic,
that takes up far too much space in our lifes.
A good choice is to spend more time being friendlier
towards ourselves.

One must prepare stress, to improve it!
So, training on managing stress must be done in advance.
«Because during stress periods, it is impossible to learn new strategies.

What does stress really mean?

Stress is an unaffordable sensation, lack of control, an emotional state
of tension composed of unlitness and discomfort. Stress  can be explained
as a physical and emotional response to a
perceived challenge or danger in the environment.

Different scientists have taught us a lot about what stress is for something.
Cannon introduced the term «Fight or flight» (1915) instinctively showing that
there is constant regulation of stress levels in the body. The stress regulation
occurs automatically in the interaction between the sympathetic
and the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system
ensures that we are
activated, while the parasympathetic «fights back» and makes sure that we
relax/calm down.

Normally, through everyday life we will alternate naturally between feeling
quite stressed, and at the other end feeling calm or completely relaxed.

Photo-artist : Pascal Bernardon

There are many conditions that can interfere with the body’s natural
regulationof stress. Hans Selye  researched stress, and used rats as
laboratory animals. His research was brutal for the rats: in some
experiments, he exposed the rats to bad things, and studied
how this affected the stress levels of the rats.  He defined
stress as a «general response to a diffuse danger.»

As long as one expects stress, or is actually exposed to something
stressful, or shortly after the stressful has occurred, the body will have this
«general response»  that we call stress.

What happens in the body by stress?

Stress involves bodily changes. The body via the brain sends signals that
cause certain hormones/substances to be triggered in the body. One of
these substances is cortisol. As long as cortisol is excreted in the bloodstream,
this leads to a change in the bloodstream, which will slow down combustion,
and give a hyperfocus attention.

In itself, this can be experienced both positively and negatively. The positive
thing about the stress response is that you are put in a «fight-escape» mode,
which makes you «ready Everyone wants less stress in life, – the best we can
hope for is temporary breaks every now and then. Put in time for selflove,
that time is valuable
effort, indeed.
Tone Berg – Web developer, graphic designer, writer and former experience consultant/
– wordpress, canva, unsplash

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