Music is medicine

As medicine, music is not without side effects – you can get addicted and at the worst, be deaf. –
Well, you have to take some chances in life?

Early on, I realized that music was VITAL for me, it comforts, calms, and creates energy
when you need it. In dark hours, music has been a lifesaver holding my hand, like a nurse
or a napkin

Music is individual experiences, and music has a healing power for many people.
Music stimulates the mind so positively that in some cases, music can cure depression.
This case here is called Keith Moon – the infamous, hyperactive drummer in The Who.
He with the mildly fluctuating mood. There could be a while between each time Moon
felt down, but if he first went down for counting, it was so serious that he locked
himself in a room to be alone. There he cured himself by playing records with
The Beach Boys until his mood returned. Uplifting loss of people who commit
suicide sends grief down to a bottom level. Music has, with therapeutic abilities,
prevented me from going completely in black. In such periods, the strong forces
of music have taken control. When the mind rages with anger, music has been a
lifesaver to many of us.

“Since 1991, my husband and I has lost one brother each to suicide,
Gunnar, the musician with broad instrumental skills, Knut Dagfinn,
creative fashion-shop owner. Two men, both intense passionate about music.
They influenced our direction and the platform of understanding music.
In 1991, when my brother left, the society had a deep sense of shame
associated with suicide. In our common upbringing, music was a «patch»
that the family dysfunction needed. After 5 years, I finally could let the burden
go, and the worst grief was over, and forgive myself for letting him down.
(Guilt is a heavy weight on family members after suicide.)
With zero openness, the shame led to a deep grief consisted
mostly of letting selfforgiveness come throug. When the pin
hits the vinyl, and music flows out, you reach a magic place,
where your insides* find a little peace and comfort.»

I often use the «Moon method», especially in the winter, and highly recommend it. It is not crucial that you use Beach Boys (for example, I use Bryan Ferry or calm King Crimson, many bands and genders work as music therapy. The important thing is that you resort to the music you want to listen to). In other words, music picked out with the heart, not necessarily by reason. And the…let the music «wander into or through you.»

Experience says that it never takes more than five minutes before the mood starts rising again. Should you have a relapse, just repeat the treatment as needed.

Let’s not get hung up the concept of quality. There is music for every occasion, and there is good music in every genre. What is incomprehensible or bad for some may be wonderful for others. That’s why I do not smile at people who find joy in what intellectuals characterize as bad music. One of the worst things that can happen to you is to know that the music you like is not worth listening to. Let it be very clear: All music that you like and that gives you something is worth listening to.

Brian Wilson has his own explanation for why music in itself has a healing power, and why it is so important to listen to music. He says “The best music is the one that gives you the feeling of being loved. Music that helps and heals. ” The explanation makes sense, so did Keith Moon.

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