Polticians represent the people and their duty is to work for the issues
people are concerned about.

To know what we mean, they must know our problems and the knowledge we have
on various matters. Politicians must get our input to make the right decisions on
behalf of the voters. You can contribute
by contacting a politician if you know something about a case that you believe
it is important to convey
It’s a good idea to do some preparation. You must have a thorough
knowledge of the case and explain why you think it is important.
The information and arguments you provide must be correct and

Should the politicians pay attention to what you have to say, they need
to be sure that what you say is true and that your investigations are thorough.
Be clear, and feel free to make specific suggestions on how you want something to be.
It can often also be a good idea to show that the case concerns more people
than yourself. It is possible to work with others to create an action or a petition.
Maybe there is already
an organization that can help? It is also a good idea to think about which
politicians you should contact.

Sami National Day 6 February In 2003, the Sami flag was officially recognised in
Norway through amendments to the Sámi Act and the Act relating to flagging
on municipal public buildings.

At the same time authorized the Sami Parliament to adopt regulations for the use of the flag.

The Sami Parliament adopted this decision on 27 May 2004.
The flag has official status, but it
is not a national flag that represents the kingdom
of Norway under international law and state law. Sami people experience hate speech,
everyday racism, discrimination and bullying far more often
than majority Norwegians in today’s Norway.
This has been documented through
research, particularly over the past decade (1-4).
«Still, the Sami people often experience hate speech and discrimination here in Norway».

*The most common form of discrimination experienced by Sami is ethnic discrimination.

Young Sami experience discrimination in several arenas. The most common arena is at
in the workplace and where they live. In addition, many young Sami say that they have
experienced violations on social media*

Contact local politicians If you are concerned about a matter that concerns the local
community, where you live, contact a local
You can find contact information on local politicians on the municipality’s
and county municipality’s website. Some municipalities also have their own youth
councils that can be involved in. The youth councils have regular meetings with
 politicians in
the municipality. You can make a citizen’s proposal on an issue you are concerned about.

Did you know that the Local Government Act gives you the right to have your case

processed by municipal council if the proposal is supported by at least 300 people or
two percent of the inhabitants of the municipality? On the website minsak.no there are
easy to start work on such a citizen proposal.

Contact members of parliament If you have concerns about a country-wide issue or
international affairs, it may be appropriate to contact a representative in the Congress/Storting.

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