Politicians represent the people, and shall work for what people are concerned about. To know what we mean, they must know us and the knowledge we have about different matters.

Politicians must get the information to make the right decisions on behalf of the electorate. This is done by contacting a politician if you know anything about an issue that you think is important to convey to the politicians. It is wise with a little preparation.

You must have in-depth knowledge of the case, and be able to explain why you think it is important. The information and arguments you provide must be relevant. If politicians are to take into account what you have to say, they must be sure that what you say is true, and that your investigations are thorough.

Be clear on this, and feel free to come up with concrete suggestions for how you want something to be. It can often be a good idea to show that the case concerns more than yourself.

It is possible to collaborate with others to create an action or a signature campaign. Maybe there is already an organization that can help?

It is also wise to think about which politicians you should contact.

Contact local politicians

If you are interested in an issue that concerns the local community, where you live, contact a local politician. You will find contact information for local politicians on the municipality’s and county municipality’s websites. Some municipalities also have their own youth councils that it is possible to get involved in. The youth councils have regular meetings with politicians in the municipality.

You can also submit a citizen proposal on a matter that concerns you. Did you know that the Municipal Act gives you the right to have your case considered by the municipal council if the proposal is supported by at least 300 people or two percent of the inhabitants of the municipality? On the website minsak.no, it is easy to start work on such a citizen proposal.

Contact parliamentary representatives

If you are interested in matters that concerns the whole country or international affairs, it may be a good idea to contact a representative in the Parliament.

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