Health magazine focusing on a holistic way of understanding people and their problems with health. Search for acivities that contribute to good sleep hygiene. The goal is to produce 12 social humanitarian articles in 2021.

“We need a society with greater accept for, that people are different. We must counter stigmatization and prejudice against people with psychosocial disabilities, that is IMPORTANT. “


Media should avoid  dramatic and general links between violence and mental disorders.those who are subjected to coercion must have complaints authorities that work. Deprivation of liberty is a huge psychological strain, and people must be protected from unnecessary offense.

The topic of bullying and outside issues get a lot of attention, we have spoken to a teacher student, teacher, and Dr.grads psychologist in Mot, and obtained subject insight from two  Master’s thesis  on the subject. Together with Leve, we are working towards zero vision for suicide, and that requires a broad focus.  
Since May 2019, we have published a number of articles in the field of mental health. September –  suicide prevention dayn10.09.2019 we were at the State House, where  proffessor Hjelmeland gave a lecture.
The magazine’s desire for a humanitarian and anti-stigmatizing society, where inclusion  discourages outsiders. The magazine wants input and writers who can share the constituencies by outside cabinets.

“The experience consultantrole  is used differently  in Norway. Some of the explanation lies in different hospital cultures. This means that the acceptance of the experience tool has different value. Different municipalities are not responsible and created structure, which has led to the social dumping of a new important auxiliary function in psychiatry. The result means that the user impact provides an uneven mental healthoffer. If there is to be equal job status, the acceptance of the role must be formed nationally.  Ekmagasinet writes documenting reports on the role’s importance and consequence in a drained health care system.”

EKMAGASINET founded who started as an information platform for experience expertise and the role of experience consultant in mental health.