Published march 2020

The historical time we are living in gives a clear message to people globally. Go to your room, stay there and rethink what you have done? A typical conversation with a defiant 8 year old.

The virus attacks health care, workplaces, and our physical freedom. The virus moves through us, and every day new information are coming about where and how the virus strikes. It gives us tremendous collective responsibility.

Solidarity and compassion create sustainability we have never seen before. Vital socieal functions and health care, needs strict work conditions.
Solidarity provides social security and lubricates the social wheel to combat the Covid 19 virus.

Let’s show how we C A N contribute to fight this pandemic virus?

Lech Wałęsa received the Nobel Peace Prize for his solidarity work, for establishing the Eastern Bloc’s first independent trade union, called «Solidarity.» The turnaround in Poland should inspire young people today. Especially those with political distance. My fear is that too many of us take things for granted, even when most people live by good intentions for their community and their country. Democracy is threatened, and capitalism is the great sinner. The very rich are little concerned about climate or soscial environment, ergo, capitalism controls democracy and majority of people.
I know, this is simply layd out, but in this stage of history more complexity and depth isn’t needed.

Clearly this situation shouldn’t need more clarity, every human on this planet should understand the risc. Behave responsable, travel short and safe, and don’t drink alcohol so the virus can strike your system easier.

Solidarity means the whole of sum, whole, togetherness, unity. All countries in cooperation within their systems need solidarity. For the first time in my lifetime, everyone on the planet is concerned and threatened by the same thing. What happens to the virus and how long will this last?

Health is a culturally conditioned concept that varies with culture, perceptions and history. «La familia» and the social and cultural structure of Italy, tight living in close relations transported the virus quick. The intimate social relations in Italy explains some of the massive contagions. When the outbrake started it was terrible to follow the Covid-19 development in Italy. Knowledge and disease prevention is important for a good life and good health. Now we live at a time we must listen collectively and follow the rules. That in itself will build security.


Mental health is about whether a person manages to use their cognitive and emotional skills to function in society and meet everyday demands. According to WHO, there is no official definition of mental health. Cultural differences, subjective judgments and competing theories influence how mental health should be defined. Still, most people agree that mental health and mental illness do not complement each other. In other words, the absence of mental illness will not necessarily be the same as having good mental health. One way of thinking about mental health can be to see how a person works in everyday life. Signals of good mental health are when the person manages to cope with normal amount of stress, maintain friendship and live an independent life and manage to get out of emotional «pitfalls».

This is it, we must be brave and behave, and brake the chain of spread.

  • Health writer. (Tone Berg)