“We really want to help others, and our worry is that mental health issues are becoming more and more complicated. We need to secure that the field of mental health does not develope in too «social pornography» in social media. “That we don’t overexposure it, and that mental health is not commercialized as a commodity. That those with exeprience in how it actually is are joining the progress – I think that’s important. Now I think that we have reach the point that enough people are opening up, it’s time to have a critical look at how we open up. As I said, I worked three years in an ambulance team where my background was in my previous experience and diagnosis. My concerns in 2021 is all the focus on diagnoses, and less about how we learn the individ story, in holistic perspectives. I want to be a representative who doesn’t dwell in the diagnostic landscape, I think the human health should bee seen through their individual stories.  Something else I have an opinion on is all these terms such as recovery, ACT, FACT, mindfulness, methods and fancy academic tools. New knowledge that healthcare professionals «need» to «refresh» themselves professionally.
Healthcare personnel need of course new inspiration, I understand, but at the same time we should keep in mind they in menthal struggle, may not be so bothered by all this. I think we need to find  few concepts. For me, mindfulness means that I can take my dog out to walk in the forest, where I can disconnect my” head a little, and get calm and lower my shoulders. Recovery for me is to calm down, do something that let me disconnects with world a little bit. We simply have to strip down the language a little bit, because the simple is good. If you’re going to reach the people, they need to to understand what you’re talking about. 

A personal guide:

Find help. Use a friend you trust,
otherwise there are many phone services and websites where you can get
proffesional advice, guidance, or someone to talk to. Ventilate and empty out
the chaos tank, get help sorting. A situation that’s tangling shouldn’t build
up to a big ball. Be open but be careful, is it a long time since you’ve
emptied your head, you may want to break up the story in several parts. Then
you avoid being ‘exhausted’ or hollow afterwards. Anxiety is an important
instinct, but it represents our danger allert. I *see* him as a ‘black-clothed’ uncle’ who only have hurt in his visiting basket.
The good news is, we can all learn Anxiety- skills, on how to brake it down, there are several tools
to control it. I feel my tinglings right away, just by talking about it.
Anxiety is an important instinct, but it represents danger. Like a ‘black-clad
uncle’ who only hurts the visitor’s basket. But it’s nice to know, I think,
that it’s possible to train our emotions.  This easter, I
wrote an article. I wanted to create a tool against anxiety so readers
can train and protect themselves. Easter is a holiday where society closes, is a long
holiday, and many are lonesome. It’s a notch harder than Christmas holidyas. Such a long
vacay where everything quiets is like fox venom for thin-skinned nerves. The pandemic learned a important lesson, build forces with those you feel well around, let them know you have them in your  safe corner. Where «the main course» is support & love. «Make things easy and honest, then you have less stumbling blocks…..




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