EKMAGASINET.NO’s vision is to increase your «mental muscles:» = reading and getting advice about real life mental challenges.

New website analysis April 2021:

Health articles every month, surprising response, a magazine with high readingnumbers that inspires all our contributors.

We give readers high professional quality, and spend time putting together sober health material with relevant topics. The knowledge base write about 12 publications a year. Voluntary project funded by ONOFFkultur.

February 26, 2020 was the total visitors around 6o.o00, with an average of

over 200 daily visits, and readers also increase the time they are visiting the website, which can mean that the content is finding its form.

We want feedback on the content, to provide quality and interest.

We have just passed 60,000 visitors.

IT’S COMPLETELY CRAZY! We want theme input, and the magazine runs a humanitarian mental health project. EKmagasinet has no permanent editorial staff in 2021, but publishes articles about health and mental lifestyle every month.

No payment wall or tilt, and produces one article at a time.

We are driven by enthusiasm and joy, without the stress and demands behind the keyboard.

The project wants articles that give readers more mental fitness and strength.

We never believed in achieving such visitor numbers, and the concept is philanthropic.

The magazine has no sponsors, to be able to have the freedom to shape & communicate independently. Ekmagasinets emphasizes some dissemination of infection development during the pandemic.


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